The mission of our club is the promotion of the German Shepherd Dog by education of the individual dog owners, dog breeders, dog handlers, dog trainers, and other people interested in the betterment of canine and related matters.

The Original function was to herd and work. Because of its unique versatility, most families use the German Shepherd Dog as a companion pet for their children, or as an obedience or show dog.


Today it is also used as a service dog in Search & Rescue work, Tracking, as a seeing eye dog, to herd sheep and cattle, as a guard dog or sentry and in drug and bomb detection.

The basic instincts of the breed lends itself to these multiple uses. The German Shepherd Dog is noted for its aloof, gentle, and loving disposition, making it an excellent breed for families and children.

The German Shepherd Dog of today continues to be a superlative companion dog and is the working dog of choice by many agencies. In North America the German Shepherd Dog is, by litter and individual dog registrations, one of the most popular and numerous breeds.

The breed is suitable for herding, police work, guiding the visually impaired, schutzhund, ring sport, search and rescue, drug and bomb detection and tracking to name a few. The German Shepherd Dog is also a natural guard dog, being territorial and protective.